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Posted on Jun 01, 2017

Lacey Rotary Club awarded $60,000  in college scholarships to 10 seniors
from the North Thurston School District.

The scholarship committee, led by Mike Marohn, evaluated student applicants based on academics and activities with a focus on community service. Eligible recipients are graduating high school seniors in North Thurston School District. Lacey Rotary has helped support students with nearly $500,000 over the past 47 years!

Applicants competed for five four-year renewable scholarships for $2,000 or $2,500 per year, and five one-year $2,500 scholarships.

Rear, left to right: Jose Leonor-Montano, Foster Johnson, Allie Findlay, Conner Crowder, Jordanne Johnson, Committee Chair-Mike Marohn.
Front, left to right: April Sabor, Rachel Pierson, Alexandra Rivera, Kathy Tran, Kiara Stinson.


To make a donation to the scholarship fund:

Make check payable to "Lacey Rotary Foundation"
and mail to:

  Lacey Rotary Foundation
  P.O. Box 5850
  Lacey, Washington 98509-5850
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Posted by Allen Johnson on May 31, 2017
The Lacey Rotary Club is proud to announce the construction of another rest stop along the Chehalis Western Trail. It is near Tenino, where the Yelm trail intersects. The overlook now provides a comfortable stopping point for the many walkers, runners, and cyclists who use the trail all year.
This is the 5th overlook the Lacey Rotary Club has built.  The previous overlooks built by our Club are the Chambers Lake, the Smith Lake, Schinke Road and Deschutes River Overlook to the south.
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Schinke Road Chehalis-Western Trail Overlook ! Allen Johnson 2015-11-18 00:00:00Z 0
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Posted by Lori Flemm & Tasha Miller on May 25, 2015
Setting a new record on May 21st, Thurston County Basketball players and four Rotarians filled 1,080 bags in an hour with food for youth at the Food Bank Warehouse on Mottman Road. The third Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM is an opportunity for Rotarians to make up a missed meeting.
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Posted by Ben Kirschner on Nov 10, 2014


President Bill McGregor opened the meeting at 12:30PM
at St Martin's Worthington Center

Riley Moore led the Pledge of Allegiance 

Thought for the day by John Mansfield, "In every community, there is work to be done; in every nation there are wounds to heal; in every heart there is the power to do it", Marianne Williamson

Jim Spaid and Lorraine Ely-Morrison led the singing of God Bless America

Jim Johnson led us in the Four-Way Test plus "Is it fun?".

 Paul Royer introduced five visiting Rotarians.

Four guests were introduced by members.

First Reading of prospective member: Jim Spaid read the name of Travis Jacobsen, with a classification of Loan Officer, as a proposed member. His sponsor is Tom Nelson. Any comments about a proposed member should be directed to any member of the Board of Director

Treacy Duefeldt and Jim Burton recognized as Charter Members of the Paul Harris Society. 

President Bill McGregor offered congratulations as he awarded Treacy and Jim their official Paul Harris certificates.

PROGRAM: Boeing in Washington, our future together by Stephen Eylander.
 From within the "Red Barn" factory in 1916, Boeing built and delivered seaplanes to the US Government during WW I. To meet the demands of World War II, Boeing built thousands of B-17s and B-29s.









   The first jetliner, the Boeing 707 was introduced at Seafair 1954. Many are still in service, but now more sophisticated aircraft engines burn 70% less fuel and are 90% quieter.  During the past 20 years, air travel has increased dramatically, and during the next 20 years demand is expected to triple, especially in other countries. Boeing expects to sell over 36,000 new planes, and export 80% of new airliners to overseas companies.

The growing demand for Boeing aircraft models 737, 777 and 787, require more new factory space and additional employees. The company employs 160,000  worldwide, and 81,000 in Washington at their five northwest plants. As the company expands and steps up production, they will need more employees; however, half their Washington employees will reach retirement age in the next five years.

Building complex airframes requires many new parts. The new carbon fiber wing for the 777x will be built in a newly constructed 1.2 million square foot factory in Everett.  Aircraft and engine components are fabricated mostly by other Washington businesses putting $5 billion into the economy.

<Click here for the Boeing website>

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Posted on May 28, 2014

This year, the Lacey Rotary Club awarded $55,000  in college scholarships to 11 seniors from North Thurston High Schools.


The scholarship committee, led by Mike Marohn and Karen Eitreim, evaluated students based on academics and activities with a focus on community service. Lacey Rotary has helped support students over the past 44 years! Eligible recipients are graduating high school seniors in North Thurston School District.


Rear, left to right: Dave Apte, Club President; Mike Marohn, Committee Chair; Gabriel Judd, Timberline HS; Jason Agtarap, N. Thurston HS; Nolan Garrett-Swodeck, Timberline HS; Nathan Brown, Timberline HS; Karen Eitreim, Committee Co-Chair.
Front, left to right:  Tiana Townsend, Timberline HS; Whitney Bolibol, Timberline HS; Sara Sutmiller, River Ridge HS; Saralyn Shannon Campbell, N. Thurston HS; Krista Jones, Timberline HS; Kori Tucker, Timberline HS.
Not pictured: Sierra Ahlf, Timberline HS.

To make a donation to the scholarship fund:

Make check payable to "Lacey Rotary Foundation"
and mail to:

  Lacey Rotary Foundation
  P.O. Box 5850
  Lacey, Washington 98509-5850
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Posted on May 28, 2014

Volunteers worked to enhance the area on Saturday, May 3rd,
- across Pacific Avenue from the Lacey Community Center lot.

 <Click Here> for a map of the Lake Lois area.


 See Chuck Kenmir's other photos in the Photo Journal titled "Lake Lois Cleanup" listed in the lefthand column of this website homepage.   Contact Chuck for more information at 360-556-5472.

Lake Lois Habitat Improvement Chuck Kenmir 2014-05-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kelly Golob on Apr 09, 2014



1st: JoAnne Wright (#670) – Hawaii Vacation

2nd: Bob Harris (#8924) - Diamond Ring

3rd: Cathy Wolfe (#680) – Victorinox Watches

4th: Bev Vincent (#5652) – 50” TV

5th: Marnee Obendorf (#2449) - $1000

6th: Jubliee Logging (#5967) – Guided Fishing Trip

7th: Barb M (#10664) – Spring Green Lawn Care

8th: James Rodel (#3111) – Seiko Watch

9th: Ben Howeiler (#8507) – Weber BBQ

10th: Gwen Dowdell (#6344) – Restaurant Package

11th: Carol Zuchleski (#4768) – Restaurant Package

12th: David Jansen (#5167) – Restaurant Package

13th: Brandi Heinemeyer (#8790) – Chamber House Gift Card

14th: Ken Slater (#10123) –Hair and Anthony’s Gift Card

15th: Doors Unlimited (#805) – Cabela’s Gift bag

16th: Stephanie Evans (3341) - $100 at Ricardo’s

17th: Meagan Smith (#690) – Capitol City Golf Package

18th: Brenda & Rick Slager (#3159) – Dirty Dave’s Pizza Party

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Posted by Allen Johnson on Mar 09, 2014
The project is complete with benches on the deck and the bike rack near the main trail.  Smith Lake is 200 feet off the Chehalis Western Trail, the gravel path is located five-to-ten minutes walk south of where 45th Ave SE meets the Trail.

The Club plans to build a similar overlook on the Deschutes River to the south.
Smith Lake Overlook Allen Johnson 2014-03-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Marohn on Jan 13, 2014
Read letters from recipients of Rotary Club scholarships. They are titled "Scholarship Letters" under "Download" in the left hand column on this web page.
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Posted by Bill McGregor on Dec 04, 2013
ImageRotarians from around the world gather each year to exchange great ideas, connect with old and new friends, have fun, and advance the work of Rotary. The 2014 RI Convention will be held in Sydney, Australia.
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Posted by Ben Kirschner on Aug 15, 2013

   Program: Mary Segawa, Legalized Marijuana per Initiative 502.

Image    The passing of the initiative decriminalized the possession of one ounce of marijuana for smoking, 16 ounces in solid form (baked goods), and 72 ounces in liquid (hard drinks). The rules for growing, distributing and selling all forms of the product requires taxation at 25 percent at all levels. Tax income has been estimated at from $zero, minimum, up to $2 billion.

    Mary's office at the Liquor Control Board has been working with peers in Colorado to set up the program. Rules and regulations are to be in place by December 1st, 2013. Some controls include: lab testing of the product, bar coding of the plants from cradle to grave, warning labels on the product, no sales to minors, and no minors allowed in a marijuana facility.

    License applications will be accepted during 30 days in October-November of this year with a $250 application fee. For additional info, visit the website: 


FELLOWSHIP: Kathy Houston: 

Kathy read a primer from "Miss Manners' Guide for the Turn of the Millennium" and fined members for "infractions of appropriate behavior."


MEDALLION: Verle Ketchum can help you buy any vehicle. Contact him at All-Star Ford, and he will help you cut through the talk and get to the action 

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, August 22nd, at noon
St. Martins Worthington Center

Click these links for more:

On-line Meeting Makeup

District News

Lacey Rotary Club Website

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Posted by Kelly Golob on Jun 02, 2013

Congratulations to the winners of Duck Dash 2013

The community enjoyed a record-setting fun-filled day!

Here are the list of prizes and winners' names:

1st) Steve Kirschner  (Disneyland trip donated by Ken Fialkowski-Edward Jones)

2nd) Brittany Willis  (Diamond ring donated by Kluh Jewelers)

3rd) Tony O'leary  (Sapphire Earrings & Pendant donated by Ben Bridge Jewelers)

4th) James Reddick  ($1000 cash donated by South Sound Bank)

5th) Barb Digman  (55" TV)


Last Year's Duck Dash Winners! Kelly Golob 2013-06-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Shellica Trevino on Apr 30, 2013

 Support a scholar in Mexico for only $50 a year !

The Project Amigo E-Newsletter can be read in the Download file in the left hand column of this home page. Read an e-mail from one of the scholars we supported, Marisol Hernandez, click here Amigo Scholar

Project Amigo News Shellica Trevino 2013-05-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Kirschner on Apr 28, 2013
  Mauro has worked as a Page at the State House and played the piano there. Plan to take Mauro on an outing, contact Dwan Bowen to schedule it.  He is a witty and polite young man, you will enjoy his company.
Mauro, our Exchange Student Ben Kirschner 2013-04-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Kirschner on Mar 07, 2013

Some more fuel for the Lacey Rotary fire! Interviews with Concepcion and Yuri about education. Please pass on to the lovely folks in Olympia - big saludos for their awesome support!

“Starfish means a lot to me. I have been a part of the mentorship program for four years now. My group is really unified and we encourage and support each other when we have problems. Starfish has empowered us, has taught us how to work as a team and has helped us to set goals for ourselves. Someday I hope to become a nurse and make Starfish proud.” - ConcepcionImagen integrada 2

“Starfish has supported me in so many ways by providing me with: a scholarship to continue my education, tutoring help, and mentoring. I have learned a lot about time management and teamwork at our weekly meetings. In our group we support each other and really care about how everyone is doing. Through Starfish I have also learned a lot about the importance of setting goals for myself. I hope to one day be a teacher.” - Yuri

Imagen integrada 1


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Posted by Ben Kirschner on Aug 23, 2012
President Mary Segawa gave special recognition to Dan and Mary Weiss as "Gold Level Contributors" to the Lacey Foundation. Dan and Mary are avid supporters of the Creighton Hays Fund. They have donated more than ten thousand dollars to the foundation, the source of money for scholarships awarded to North Thurston students each year.

Contributors are "Golden" Ben Kirschner 2012-08-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Kirschner on May 10, 2012

Special Thanks to our Top Five Duck Dash 2012 Sponsors: 

Click on their names to visit their websites: 

Hill-Betti Business Park (Diamond)

94.5 ROXY Radio   (Platinum)

Edward Jones - Ken Fialkowski Investing (Platinum) .

KLUH Jewelers (Platinum) 

Westfield Capital Shopping Mall (Platinum) 

   Ticket outlets are set up throughout the Lacey and Olympia area at all of our major sponsors' locations and include: The Guardsman, American Family Insurance, All Star Ford,  Ben Bridge Jeweler, Kluh Jewelers,  O'Blarney's Irish Pub, Olympia Federal Savings, Global Express Travel, Timberland Bank, and Medical Center Pharmacy.

   You can even buy tickets on race day until 3:30, a half hour before race time. You do not have to be present to win, but you must buy a ticket to win. Mark your calendar for the first Saturday in June.

   This year you could win a 2013 Ford Mustang from All Star Ford!   One number from 12,000 tickets will be randomly preselected. If the duck with that number is among the first 20 ducks to cross the finish line, the ticket holder wins the Mustang !


   See the day's schedule: Click on "More" below >>

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Posted by Ben Kirschner on Aug 23, 2011

Sponsor this website and the club newsletter for only $200 a year !!

Your logo or message will be displayed on all pages of the website and on the weekly news bulletin sent to over 100 local business leaders weekly.

Contact Public Relations Director Kelly Golob at  or the Website Administrator, Ben Kirschner at

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Posted by Perry Saueressig on Aug 04, 2011










HOME: 413-1528

WORK: 754-8033





Wine Maker’s Dinner

August 13th, 2011

Join us for another signature celebration of gourmet food and spectacular local wines.


Herb roasted portabella mushroom set atop creamy polenta, baby spinach and

then crowned with a soft poached egg. Garnished with parmesan shavings.

Nicola’s Red Mark Pinot Grigio


Summer Watercress Salad

Crisp watercress tossed with a champagne vinaigrette, toasted slivered

almonds and green table grapes

Le Chateau Barbara

Main Course

Seafood Bouillabaisse

Sautéed diver scallops, Manila clams, giant prawns, smoked mussels and

Quinault river salmon cooked in a saffron tomato broth. Served with Yukon

mashed potato and topped with a Dungeness crab leg cluster.


Veal Osso Bucco

Center cut veal shank seasoned, browned and then braised in white wine with

aromatic vegetables and spices. Served over soft polenta milanese and

garnished with gremolata

Le Chateau Cabernet


New York Style cheesecake with fresh seasonal berries

Le Chateau Walla Walla

Lacey Rotary Dinner & Wine Social Perry Saueressig 2011-08-05 00:00:00Z 0
Lacey Rotary Foundation Dan Weiss 2011-08-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Courtney Schrieve on May 25, 2011

The Lacey Rotary Club Foundation gave college scholarships to ten North Thurston students on May 26th, 2011, at the annual awards luncheon. Eight recipients are pictured here.


Eligible students must be graduating seniors of public and private high schools within the boundaries of NTPSD.

To make a donation to the general scholarship fund by check:
    Make check payable to: Lacey Rotary Foundation
    Mail check to: Lacey Rotary Foundation
                             P.O. Box 5850
                             Lacey, Washington 98509-5850

Lacey Rotary Foundation Scholarships: $43,000 Courtney Schrieve 2011-05-26 00:00:00Z 0
RI Convention 2011 William Hislop 2011-05-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Courtney Schrieve on Jan 28, 2011

Rotarian Courtney Schrieve visited India in 2006 as part of Group Study Exchange and has challenged fellow Rotary clubs in South Sound to donate to this worthwhile international service project. She also challenged some Rotary clubs in India to match any donations we raise!

Recent Newsletter  has been added to the "Downloads" in the lefthand column of this home page.

View a video of the Literacy India Group:

Click on "more" below for added info:

Literacy India Courtney Schrieve 2011-01-28 15:52:02Z 0
Posted by Betsy Spath on Jan 20, 2011
Bring your sweetheart to the
 Lacey Rotary Valentine Auction
Thursday, February 10
5:30 Happy Hour
6:30 Dinner
Pasta Bar $25 per person
Silent and live auction items
Seafood dinner for 6, Mariner tickets, Anthony’s gift card, Hoodsport wine tasting party, wine baskets, 5 one hour massages, wild game dinner, 6 course gourmet dinner for 6, doll house, Foos ball table, lunch at Hearthfire and a tour of the Port, tickets to “Harmony Sweepstakes”  at the Washington Center…just to name a few.
All proceeds to Polio Plus…bring your Rotary ID number!
RSVP – Betsy Spath 791-2479 by February 7
Lacey Rotary Auction February 10, 2011 Betsy Spath 2011-01-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Courtney Schrieve on Nov 04, 2010

On October 5, 2010, the North Thurston Public Schools Board of Directors recognized Lacey Rotary, represented by President Bill Hislop, along with other businesses, agencies, churches and civic groups who donated school supplies or held back-to-school fairs for students in North Thurston Public Schools. This school year was a particularly challenging one for families in need, but groups like Rotary showed their overwhelming support for students and learning with donations. Thanks to their efforts and others, the district distributed more than 320 backpacks since August 2010 by parent request.

North Thurston School District Thanks Lacey Rotary Courtney Schrieve 2010-11-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tom Nelson on Oct 07, 2010

The Rotary Club of Lacey is hosting a wine tasting event on Sunday, October 17, 2010 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Westfield Capital Mall to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County.  All proceeds will be used by the Boys & Girls Clubs for direct services to children in need. 

The “Sparkle & Sips” event will include tastes from six local wineries such as Scatter Creek Winery, Madsen Family Cellars, Medicine Creek Winery, Heymann Winery, Maryhill Winery and Widgeon Hill Winery.  The event is hosted by four jewelry stores in the mall, including Ben Bridge, Diamond Creations, Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers and Zales, The Diamond Store. 


The mall will be open only to those with tickets to this event.  Tickets include discount coupons for restaurants in the mall such as Fujiyama, Sushi Rocks, Sertinos Café, Racha Thai Cuisine and Pints & Quarts.  Tickets may be purchased for $25 at the jewelry stores in Westfield Capital Mall or from any Lacey Rotarian.   


For more information contact Perry Saueressig (Ben Bridge) at 360-754-8033, or Bill Hislop (Lacey Rotary President) at 360-490-2920.

Wine Tasting Event, Sunday, October 17th, 2010, 6 to 8 PM Tom Nelson 2010-10-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Kirschner on Sep 12, 2010

Lacey Rotary Club Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3301, Lacey, WA 98509-3301

If you'd like to sponsor this website or have suggestions or ideas, contact Ben Kirschner at

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Posted by Kathy Houston on Aug 07, 2008
Due to the increasing costs, we have had to raise the cost of lunch as follows: Beverages only: $2.00 Dessert and beverage: $6.00 Salad, soup, dessert & beverage: $9.00 Full lunch, includes everything: $14.00
Lunch Costs: Kathy Houston 2008-08-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ben Kirschner

July 21st report from "Polio Eradication Initiative":

This year there have been 561 cases reported worldwide (compared to 698 cases for the same period in 2009), however the bulk of these cases are associated with the outbreak in Tajikistan (425 cases).

The situation in the endemic countries* is looking significantly more positive, with 72 cases reported this year, compared to 516 cases for the same period last year. The bulk of this reduction can be attributed to a 99% decline in cases in Nigeria, and a more than 80% decline in India. While Afghanistan is remaining steady (12 cases compared with 13 cases for the same period in 2009), Pakistan's cases this year have increased to 30 (compared to 21 cases for the same period last year).

In Angola, two cases were reported from the country's capital, Luanda, the first there since September 2009.

Country                                 YTD 2010  YTD 2009  Total 2009

Pakistan* 30 21 89
Nigeria*  6 346 388
India* 24 136 741
Afghanistan* 12 13 38
Tajikistan 425 0 0
Angola 15 13 29
Chad 14 7 64
Senegal 18 0 0
Mauritania 5 0 13
Nepal 4 0 0
Mali 3 1 2
Niger 2 15 15
Liberia 1 3 11
Sierra Leone 1 0 11
Polio Report Ben Kirschner 0
Posted by Ben Kirschner

See Chuck Kenmir's photos from the July 1st banquet in the Photo Journal.

Click on "2010-11 Install.Banquet" in the right-hand column of this page.

Installation Banquet Photos Ben Kirschner 0
Posted by Chuck Kenmir
The Club had a picnic at Bruce and Dwan's home on October 3rd. Click on the Photo Journal in the left column labeled Picnic_09.
Rotary Picnic 2009 Chuck Kenmir 0
Chehalis Western Trail Work Day Tom Nelson 0
Posted by Jim Johnson
Photos taken at the 2006 recognition dinner when Lacey Rotary was presented with the Award as Philanthropic Group of the Year, are now posted in a photo journal in the right-hand column with the same title.
Philanthropy Award '06 Jim Johnson 0
Our Club's Fortieth Birthday Ben Kirschner 0
Posted by Michael Marohn
The Lacey Rotary Scholarship Fund helps many young people to get an education. Read more letters from recipients. Click on the "Scholarship Letter" and "Scholar Fajardo" under "Downloads" in the right hand column of this home page.
More Scholarship News Michael Marohn 0
Posted by Courtney Schrieve

InterAct students from North Thurston and Timberline (plus a Ducky Komachin Middle School student ) helped with children's activities at the Lacey Rotary Duck Dash/Food and Fun Fair, the service clubs annual fundraiser and family event.

NTPS helps at Lacey Rotary Duck Dash Courtney Schrieve 0
Posted by Courtney Schrieve

The Lacey Rotary Club Foundation gave college scholarships to eight North Thurston students on May 27th, at the annual Rotary awards luncheon.

 Eligible students must be graduating seniors of public and private high schools within the boundaries of NTPSD. The scholarship committee, led by Mike Marohn, evaluated students based on academics and activities with a special focus on "service above self" - community service.  Lacey Rotary helped support over 245 local students for the past 30 years!

Lacey Rotary Foundation Scholarships: $40,000 Courtney Schrieve 0
Posted by Rick Yale

In years past The Lacey Rotary has developed a community park, a trail overlook, and other large projects. But sometimes it's the little things that mean a lot.

This year we had to jump the gun on Rotarians at Work Day. Sometimes a need calls for quicker action. One of our members, Graeme Sackrison, who also happens to be the Mayor of Lacey, came to us with an urgent prospect this winter. Here it is in his words:

"One of the checkers at my local Safeway is a single mom. One day she asked me if the city had any restrictions on bus shelters. I checked and said "No". She explained that she lived in an apartment complex about a block off Pacific Avenue and she, other parents and the kids had to wait in the rain for the school bus. She thought she'd see if her dad could help with a shed. After I asked, it turned out he lived out of town, some distance away. That's when I said, "Let me see what can be done". I proposed the project to Lacey Rotary and got the go ahead. I pre-fabbed the walls and floor in my garage. Then, Scott Alf, Greg Cuoio and I assembled it one Saturday. Shellica Trevino's husband donated the asphalt shingles and roofed it. The kids are now waiting out of the weather. It's used by the children of several families and will be available to others as the apartments turn over."

A great example of identifying a need and then acting on it quickly. Rotary at work.

Lacey Rotary Bus Shelter Rick Yale 0
Posted by Rick Yale
POSSCA (Patrons of South Sound Cultural Arts) donated 34 instruments to local school districts and music teachers on Thursday. The donations were made possible through the Cultural Assistance Program for Students (CAPS), an innovate partnership between POSSCA and local Rotary Clubs, who donated $10,000 through their fall Clean Water/Cool Jazz Festival. CAPS donates new and refurbished musical instruments to students who may not be able to afford an instrument or rental, but show exceptional talent or interest in music. "Music and the arts help students perform better in other areas," said POSSCA president, Darren Mills. "Ironically, during budget reductions, it's always the arts that are first to be cut."
POSSCA and Rotary donate instruments to schools Rick Yale 0
Posted by Jerry Farmer

Every purchaser of a DuckDash ticket has a chance to win a new Ford Mustang Convertible from All Star Ford!
One Number from all the possible Duck Tickets is randomly preselected.  If the Duck corresponding to that number is among the first 20 Ducks to cross the finish line, the holder of that ticket wins the new Mustang! No one won the car this year.

Duck Dash Jerry Farmer 0
Posted by Gary Joiner

A special "Thank You" to everyone for making the 19th Annual Lacey Rotary Duck Dash, Food and Fun Fair a tremendous success!   The Duck Dash would not be possible without the generous support of prize and event sponsors.  Thank you very much for your outstanding contributions to the success of this year's Duck Dash, Food and Fun Fair!   

The June 7 event earned $64,000!  All of the proceeds generated from the Duck Dash will be used to benefit the community projects and charitable efforts of local organizations. 

  Click on "More" to see the list of prize winners: - <

Duck Dash Fun Gary Joiner 0
Posted by Courtney Schrieve

 Writer Pat Mora encourages literacy in two languages
Bilingual writer Pat Mora is this year's featured writer for the fifth annual Lacey Loves to Read community-wide literacy initiative between North Thurston Public Schools, City of Lacey and the Lacey Timberland Library. Lacey Rotary has been a proud supporter of this unique program for several years! 

You can reach her 

Lacey Loves to Read Courtney Schrieve 0
Posted by Roger Dean
Charlotte was a hoot in the North Thurston High School play, "The Boyfriend".  Playing the stuffy English wife of a would-be philanderer, she forcefully kept him in line (no amplification needed for her voice). 
For those considering inviting her for a weekday dinner, she is open to all kinds of foods.  She is very efficient at completing her homework, so worry not about her school work being slighted. 
Our Exchange Student Actress Roger Dean 0
Posted by Mary Weiss
We collected 240+ books and more than $915 at our Christmas party. The Boys & Girls Club Library was designated for our gift-giving. The money will buy additional books and magazines.  This was a most successful project.  For more information, contact Mary Weiss via email or phone 456-3198
Rotary Christmas Gift-Giving Mary Weiss 0