Posted by Ben Kirschner
Lacey Rotary Club Meeting
Saint Martin's University Norman Worthington Conference Center
Meeting opened at 12:30pm by President Dave Schneider
Pledge of Allegiance led by Brandon Lemay.
Singing of God Bless America led by Irene Emmons-Perez.
Thought for the Day:  
Mike Marohn, offered a thought by Will Rogers: We will never have true civilization until we learn to recognize the rights of others.
Also - Good judgement comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.
Visiting Rotarians: Cheryl Selby, our guest speaker.
Guests of Rotarians: None today
The monthly dinner groups meet the third Thursday, September 21st, at members' homes or restaurant.
 Lacey members are encouraged to attend the District Conference and Training Assembly, Lacey Rotary Club will reimburse members for the cost of registration.
 Courtney Schrieve spoke out on the need for Rotarians to be more generous in providing books to fight literacy.
She announced a competition with other clubs in District 5020, especially Gateway Club who has challenged us. Book donations per Rotarian will determine which club wins.
PROGRAM:  Message from Cheryl Selby, Mayor of Olympia
Mayor Selby reported on plans and new developments in Olympia and the tri-city area.
Cheryl highlighted some arts and culture facilities for the downtown scene.
FELLOWSHIP by Kathy Houston 
Kathy announced that yesterday was National Peanut Day and distributed peanut butter candies to all tables.
She gave us an opportunity to relate any funny pet stories, of which there were a number. Kathy did well fining members, and herself, for members' personal, political and public notoriety.
MEDALLION: Ken Balsley announced he will be pleased to work with the mayors of cities in the local area when he is elected to the Lacey City Council.
Members are asked to donate $100 to the RI foundation for this year's sustaining membership.
Recurring Club Events
Board meeting – held 4th Monday of every month at 5pm at Dave's office at a new location, September 25th.
District Conference and Training Assembly in
Tacoma, May 3-5, 2018 <Click here for more info>
VIDEOS of OTHER RECENT PROGRAMS (click on title to view program)
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Duck Dash 2017 Kick-Off - President-Elect Dave Schneider
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CLUB/EVENT PHOTOS – Please see additional club photos taken by Dr. Yasemin Alptekin at the Lacey Rotary Club Facebook page:
DUCK DASH 2017 Photos (compiled by Dr. Yasemin Alptekin):
• Could not make the meeting?  Makeup a meeting online:
• Another makeup opportunity: The new Gateway - Panorama Rotary Club meets at 11:30 a.m. on the first and third Monday each month at the Seventeen51 Restaurant & Bistro at Panorama.