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Lacey Rotary Club Meeting
Saint Martin's University Norman Worthington Conference Center
Meeting opened at 12:30pm by President Dave Schneider
Pledge of Allegiance led by Don Orazem
Thought for the Day by John Masterson:
"When I was young, I admired clever people,
now that I'm older, I admire kind people."
Singing of "White Christmas" led by Irene Emmons-Perez
Visiting Rotarians introduced by Tony Barrett: 
Tim Stokes, John Doan and Justin Deutsch
Ashley Worth, prospective member (second reading completed today).
President Dave reported there will be
a meeting next week, December 21st, but
no meeting December 28th.
 Duck Dash Sponsorships:  Ken Anderson encouraged all members to participate, - be a sponsor or find a new sponsor for the 2018 Duck Dash. It's is easy to ask any business you already support. Sponsors can provide prizes, but donated funds cover the cost of putting on the event.
Membership Vote on next year's Board of Directors and Officers: Past President Greg Cuoio cited the Club By Laws in presenting a slate of officers and directors for the coming Rotary Year.
Upon a motion by Andy Ryder and a second by Tom Nelson to close the nominations, the question was called and the proposed slate of officers and directors for 2017 - 2018 was elected unanimously. 
MEMBERSHIP: Induction of Margaret Tudor into the Lacey Rotary Club.
Margaret had been a member of another local club and so was inducted by transfer into our Club as a blue badge. Nonetheless, she was given a club folder to pursue all steps like a red badge (new to Rotary).
Margaret (left) with sponsor, Yasemin Alptekin, and mentor, Cynthia Pratt.
Don Orazem, - second reading of Ashley Worth, classification of Commercial Lending, sponsored by Mitch Dietz. Comments about proposed members should be directed to a member of the Board.
PROGRAM:  John Doan and Dr. Tim Stokes
"The New Distilling and Brewing District"
  John Doan described some
  renovation of buildings done to
  accommodate new development
  of craft brewing and distilling.
  Dr. Tim Stokes, President SPSCC explained the education support for new economic development in the area.
The increased brewing, distilling and cider making is expected to add value to the state's agricultural products, create jobs, and grow local income and tax revenues.
For more information, <click here>.
FELLOWSHIP by Mike Marohn
  Mike informed us that tomorrow is National Ugly Sweater Day.
  Fines were imposed on members for various holiday infractions.
MEDALLION: Ken Fialkowski related some events occurring this month regarding the consumption of ludefisk.
Meeting next week December 21st at the usual time and place.
No meeting the following week, December 28th.
The Tower of Humor:
Earl's Humor:
Ole and Sven were on a hunting and camping trip:
While hiking up a hill, Ole exclaimed, "Did you see that Sven?"
Sven replied, "No. See what?"
Ole said, "A bald eagle just flew by".  And they walked on.
Then Ole asked, "Did you see that Sven?"
And Sven answered, "What was it?"
"A big black bear just trotted over the hill," said Ole. "Are you going blind?"
After some time, Ole asked, "Didn't you see THAT, Sven?"
"Well maybe I did", said Sven.
Oh, says Ole, "Then why did you step in it?"
Coming Events:
International Outreach:
Dustin Wilson will be making a trip to the global grant site in Africa next February. He invited other Rotarians to go along with him, not necessarily to stay for the full two weeks, but they could make side trips elsewhere in Africa.
The Valentines Day Auction:  Cynthia Pratt asked us to sign up for attending the February auction, and to bring bottles of wine for the auction wine grab. Mike Heelan reminded members that each bottle should cost about $20 to satisfy state rules.
Cynthia also reminded every member to donate $100 for this year's sustaining membership to the RI foundation.
Food Bank Thursday: The third Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM, our Club supports the Food Bank at its warehouse on Mottman Road on the city's west side. Mary Segawa asked members to be there Thursday evening January 18th,  to help prepare lunches for homeless kids.
Board meeting – held 4th Monday of every month at 5pm in Dave's Law Office in Lacey.
District Conference and Training Assembly
in Tacoma, May 3-5, 2018. Dave encouraged Club members to register for the District Conference and Training Assembly
Our Club will reimburse members for the cost of registration.
VIDEOS of OTHER RECENT PROGRAMS (click on title to view program)
Exchange Student Experiences - Adina Niukoski on June 22nd
Olympia's Maritime History - Presentation on June 15th
Thurston ThrivesThurston County Commissioner Bud Blake
First Responders Making A Difference - Dick Garrett and Undersheriff Tim Braniff
City of Lacey Update - Scott Spence
Duck Dash 2017 Kick-Off - President-Elect Dave Schneider
Bloodworks Northwest - Heidi Schaiberger
CLUB/EVENT PHOTOS – Please see additional club photos taken by Dr. Yasemin Alptekin at the Lacey Rotary Club Facebook page:
DUCK DASH 2017 Photos (compiled by Dr. Yasemin Alptekin):
• Could not make the meeting?  Makeup a meeting online:
• Other makeup opportunities:
(1) Food Bank Warehouse every third Thursday on Mottman Road.
(2) The Gateway Club - Panorama Rotary meets at 11:30 a.m. on the first and third Monday each month at the "Seventeen-51 Restaurant & Bistro" at Panorama.