In years past The Lacey Rotary has developed a community park, a trail overlook, and other large projects. But sometimes it's the little things that mean a lot.

This year we had to jump the gun on Rotarians at Work Day. Sometimes a need calls for quicker action. One of our members, Graeme Sackrison, who also happens to be the Mayor of Lacey, came to us with an urgent prospect this winter. Here it is in his words:

"One of the checkers at my local Safeway is a single mom. One day she asked me if the city had any restrictions on bus shelters. I checked and said "No". She explained that she lived in an apartment complex about a block off Pacific Avenue and she, other parents and the kids had to wait in the rain for the school bus. She thought she'd see if her dad could help with a shed. After I asked, it turned out he lived out of town, some distance away. That's when I said, "Let me see what can be done". I proposed the project to Lacey Rotary and got the go ahead. I pre-fabbed the walls and floor in my garage. Then, Scott Alf, Greg Cuoio and I assembled it one Saturday. Shellica Trevino's husband donated the asphalt shingles and roofed it. The kids are now waiting out of the weather. It's used by the children of several families and will be available to others as the apartments turn over."

A great example of identifying a need and then acting on it quickly. Rotary at work.