Posted by Ben Kirschner
Meeting of Lacey Rotary Club
at St Martins' University Worthington Center
 The meeting was opened by
Club President Shellica Trevino.
 Pledge of Allegiance
   led by Matt Hargrave.
Songs led by Tom Nelson:
   "God Bless America" and
   "We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Thought for the Day - Mitch Dietz:
  The Grinch said it, -"What if Christmas
  didn't come from a store; what if Christmas
   was something more."
No Visiting Rotarians today
Guest: Lindsay Paylor introduced by Mitch Dietz.
  Our next meeting will be Dec. 12th at St Martins' Worthington Center.
  It will be our Annual Meeting for voting in the new slate of officers.
 Special Awards by Assistant District Governor, Bill McGregor, for Jim Burton and Ken Parsons.
 Past President - Jim and Foundation Chair - Ken were recognized for their work in making our Club the best in District 5020 (91 Rotary Clubs) for last year's per capita giving to The Rotary Foundation ($622 per member). Both are also recognized for being Rotary Foundation Champions, - Major Donors and Paul Harris Society members.
  Irene Emmons-Perez still has a few openings for Salvation Army Bell-ringer. Sign up for a time slot.
  Ray Hardee reminder: Continue supporting the Other Bank with toiletries, personal care products or cash. The Other Bank is now co-located with the Food Bank..
Announced by Ken Parsons:
Sign up now for the December 16th Christmas Holiday Party
Save the dates: 
February 7th, 2020 Velentines Dinner Auction
March 19th, 2020 Paul Harris Dinner
Become a Sustaining Member by giving $100 ($50 matching while resources last)
Earn your Paul Harris Fellowship by giving $1,000.
The Paul Harris dinner is set for March 19th at the Hotel RL to recognize new Paul Harris Fellows and multiple PH Fellows. A great program is promised for that evening. Our RotaryClub will have members to be recognized, plan to attend on March 19 !
 PROGRAM: The USS Olympia
"Los Angeles Class" Attack Submarine
Executive Officer, Justin Grover
The XO outlined last year's deployment of 56,000 miles, Feb. to Sept., from the South Pacific area, diverted to the Northern European theater, then to Gibralter and the Mediterranean, back to the Arctic Ocean above Norway and then to Crete for on-loading, then on to the Indian Ocean area. They finally returned to Hawaii after seven months to prepare for relocation to the Pacific Northwest where the boat will be inactivated and decommissioned in 2021.
 The map showing the sub's deployment route around the globe, held by the boat's Senior Chief Petty Officer and the senior torpedo operator who has been aboard for an exemplary six years.
 Lieutenant Commander Grover gave President Shellica, a sealed vial containing sea waters collected around the world during the last deployment of the USS Olympia. 
Mike Heelan
Mike informed us about how Squanto helped the Plymouth colony settlers in the 1600's. Squanto had been captured and enslaved in Europe twice in his life and spoke excellent English. His first words to the Mayflower immigrants were, "Have you got any beer?".
Mike was creative in fining members for the Club.
Medallion: Boys and Girls Clubs Youth of the Year event set for January 31st






 Greg Cuoio needs volunteers to be a part of a three-Club effort to build a tiny house for transitional housing. Be a mentor or a worker or just a helper.  A grant has been acquired from Rotary International.
Food Bank Thursday: The third Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM, our Club supports the Food Bank at its warehouse on Mottman Road on the city's west side. 
May 15 & 16, 2020: District Conference in Victoria, BC.
<Click here> to learn more. Register early and save.
June 6 - 10, 2020: Rotary Convention in Honolulu.
<Click Here> Register by December 15 to save.
VIDEOS of SOME PAST PROGRAMS (click on title to view program)
Exchange Student Experiences - Adina Niukoski on June 22nd
Olympia's Maritime History - Presentation on June 15th
Thurston ThrivesThurston County Commissioner Bud Blake
First Responders Making A Difference - Dick Garrett and Undersheriff Tim Braniff
City of Lacey Update - Scott Spence
Duck Dash 2017 Kick-Off - President-Elect Dave Schneider
Bloodworks Northwest - Heidi Schaiberger
CLUB/EVENT PHOTOS – Please see additional club photos taken by Dr. Yasemin Alptekin at the Lacey Rotary Club Facebook page:
DUCK DASH 2017 Photos (compiled by Dr. Yasemin Alptekin):
 Makeup a meeting online:
 Food Bank Warehouse on Mottman Road, third Thursday of each month.