Posted by Ben Kirschner
Meeting of Lacey Rotary Club
at St Martins' University Worthington Center
 The meeting was opened by
Club President Shellica Trevino.
Pledge of Allegiance
  led by Clydia Cuykendall.
Song led by Tom Nelson:
   "O Canada"
Tom also told us about the second Prime Minister of Canada, Alexander Mackenzie, 1873-1878:
(not one of the Mackenzie brothers and not the source for naming Canada's Mackenzie River.)
  • introduced the secret ballot, 
  • advised creation of the Supreme Court
  • established the Royal Military College of Canada
  • created the Office of the Auditor General
  • pressed for continued progress on the National Railway
Thought for the Day - Tony Barrett:
  "How do I learn to . . . 
apply myself to a purpose greater than myself."
by Martin Luther King Jr.
No Visiting Rotarians but a big
"WELCOME BACK" for Denis Curry.
  Next meeting, January 30th is bowling night at Prairie Lanes in Yelm.
 January 30th is an evening meeting for bowling, 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.
 Prairie Lanes is located at 202 E. Yelm Avenue. The Club will pay for members' bowling, food is extra.
  The Valentine Dinner Auction is February 7th at Indian Summer Golf & Country Club.
     Send Courtney Schrieve or Shellica a photo of you with a spouse/pet/friend/significant other.
  Our next regular meeting, February 13th is at St Martins' Worthington Center.
  January 31st: Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year event at SPSCC campus in West Olympia.
  Ken Anderson : Duck Dash needs sponsors to help offset the cost for the event so that ticket sales money will go to local charities instead of expenses. Pick up a form from Ken and find a sponsor from among your daily contacts. 
Each member get one sponsor ! 
Program: Impact of the Climate Crisis
by Connie Campbell,
trained member of the Al Gore Team
Connie Campbell and Gary
The climate is being affected by the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, termed the biggest global threat of the 21st century.  Major storms are happening more often.  Learn more at 
The threat is being offset somewhat by current developments, - using more sun and wind power, generating power from farm manure methane and replacing plastic 6-pack rings with those made of fish-edible material.
RI President, Barry Rassin cited, "we have a moral obligation to talk about climate change."
Puget Sound Energy offers a free energy audit for your home.
Additionally, consider the following actions:

 Sign up for the February 7th Valentine Dinner Auction at Indian Summer.
Our Club needs 90 people attending and needs auction items.
Bring in a nice bottle of wine for the WINE GRAB.
Tom Nelson will be our auctioneer.
March 19th: Paul Harris Dinner at the Hotel RL to recognize new Paul Harris Fellows and multiple PH Fellows and also two or more Major PH Donors from our Club to be recognized at the meeting.  A great program and a shorter one is promised for that evening.  Sign up on line or at the back table; new Rotarians / Paul Harris Fellows pay only $26.50.
A Sustaining Member gives $100 ($50 matching while money lasts)
A Paul Harris Fellowship is earned by giving $1,000.
A Major PH Donor is one who contributed $10,000.
Mike reported, "...we can celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day; the aluminum can came into common usage after 1958. If you open a can of beer, drink it to reduce the CO2 going into the atmosphere."
Mike quizzed members about the Rotarian magazine and fined members.
Medallion: Ken Balsley has a radio show and online presence; he also has given 109 tours locally as a Thurston County historian..
Visit Ken's blog at to learn about an interview with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.






 Greg Cuoio needs volunteers to be a part of a three-Club effort to build a tiny house for transitional housing. Be a mentor or a worker or just be at the Market Skills Center with high school age builders.  A grant has been acquired from Rotary International.
Food Bank Thursday: The third Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM, our Club supports the Food Bank at its warehouse on Mottman Road on the city's west side. 
May 15 & 16, 2020: District Conference in Victoria, BC.
<Click here> to learn more. Register early and save.
June 6 - 10, 2020: Rotary Convention in Honolulu.
<Click Here> Register by December 15 to save.
VIDEOS of SOME PAST PROGRAMS (click on title to view program)
Exchange Student Experiences - Adina Niukoski on June 22nd
Olympia's Maritime History - Presentation on June 15th
Thurston ThrivesThurston County Commissioner Bud Blake
First Responders Making A Difference - Dick Garrett and Undersheriff Tim Braniff
City of Lacey Update - Scott Spence
Duck Dash 2017 Kick-Off - President-Elect Dave Schneider
Bloodworks Northwest - Heidi Schaiberger
CLUB/EVENT PHOTOS – Please see additional club photos taken by Dr. Yasemin Alptekin at the Lacey Rotary Club Facebook page:
DUCK DASH 2017 Photos (compiled by Dr. Yasemin Alptekin):
 Makeup a meeting online:
 Food Bank Warehouse on Mottman Road, third Thursday of each month.