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Meeting of Lacey Rotary Club
Indian Summer Golf & Country Club
 The meeting was opened by
Club President Shellica Trevino.
Next Thursday's meeting, February 20th, is at St Martins' Worthington Center
Pledge of Allegiance
  led by Jim Burton.
Song led by Tom Nelson:
   "God Bless America"
Thought for the Day - Tony Barrett:
  "The perfect gifts you can give to your children
 - the burden of responsibility and
 the wings to fly to greater heights."
Visiting Rotarians:
John Hutchings, Gateway Club 
and Jeff Gadman, Olympia
both are former members of Lacey Rotary
  Next meeting, February 20th is at St Martins' Worthington Center
  The Valentine Dinner Auction and Online Auctions raised $29,923.
The total was increased to $30,003 with the sale of a gift basket purchased by Paul Hanna at the meeting.
The total amount will be sent to Rotary International's Foundation (TRF). Additionally, $750 was contributed at the auction to our Club's non-profit Lacey Rotary Foundation (LRF).
  Ken Anderson : Duck Dash needs sponsors to help offset the cost for the event so that ticket sales money will go to local charities instead of expenses. Pick up a form from Ken and find a sponsor from among your daily contacts. 
Each member get one sponsor ! 
Program: The New Courthouse Pro & Con
by John Hutchings and Jon Pettit
Past President Dave Schneider introduced the speakers
John Hutchings, serving in his fourth year as a Thurston County Commissioner, supported building the new Court House at 8th and Plum Streets downtown.
  • The 40 year old County Courthouse cannot meet the needs of a growing population
  • Security is not acceptable for multiple criminal cases.
  • The structure does not meet earthquake code, the roof leaks, a pipe recently burst.
  • Parking is inadequate, but multi-level parking will be near the new location.
  • The planned courthouse, will be twice as big and include extra lease space.
  • The new building will require property tax increase of $0.47 per thousand.
  • The building debt will continue for 25 years.
  • Renovation of the existing building could cost more than a new building.

Jon Pettit is a self-appointed "Number-crunching Activist" for citizen-taxpayers.
  • A new building may be "wanted but not needed".
  • Current building has no debt.
  • Maintenance budget has been inadequate to maintain the building.
  • Reasonable renovation can be done to upgrade the building.
  • Total cost is probably under estimated and will be greater than expected.
  • The County has not yet developed the final building plan.
  • Given current assessment values the tax will raise more than $422 million.
  • If voters reject the plan, there is no known alternative.
March 19th: Paul Harris Dinner at the Hotel RL 
New Paul Harris Fellows and "PH Plus" Fellows and also Major PH Donors from our Club will be recognized at the meeting.  A great program is promised for that evening. 
Sign up on line or at the back table; new Rotarians / Paul Harris Fellows pay only $26.50.
A Sustaining Member gives $100 yearly ($50 matching while money lasts)
A Paul Harris Fellowship is earned by giving $1,000.
A Major PH Donor is one who contributed $10,000.
Mike fined members to support the Club funds.
Medallion: Ken Balsley has a radio show and online presence; he also has given 109 tours locally as a Thurston County historian..
Visit Ken's blog at to learn about an interview with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Medallion: Courtney Schrieve purchased at auction:
Thanks for supporting and passing both the bond and levy for North Thurston School District.





 Greg Cuoio needs volunteers to be a part of a three-Club effort to build a tiny house for transitional housing. Be a mentor or a worker or just be at the Market Skills Center with high school age builders.  A grant has been acquired from Rotary International.
Food Bank Thursday: The third Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM, our Club supports the Food Bank at its warehouse on Mottman Road on the city's west side. 
May 15 & 16, 2020: District Conference in Victoria, BC.
<Click here> to learn more. Register early and save.
June 6 - 10, 2020: Rotary Convention in Honolulu.
<Click Here> Register by December 15 to save.
VIDEOS of SOME PAST PROGRAMS (click on title to view program)
Exchange Student Experiences - Adina Niukoski on June 22nd
Olympia's Maritime History - Presentation on June 15th
Thurston ThrivesThurston County Commissioner Bud Blake
First Responders Making A Difference - Dick Garrett and Undersheriff Tim Braniff
City of Lacey Update - Scott Spence
Duck Dash 2017 Kick-Off - President-Elect Dave Schneider
Bloodworks Northwest - Heidi Schaiberger
CLUB/EVENT PHOTOS – Please see additional club photos taken by Dr. Yasemin Alptekin at the Lacey Rotary Club Facebook page:
DUCK DASH 2017 Photos (compiled by Dr. Yasemin Alptekin):
 Makeup a meeting online:
 Food Bank Warehouse on Mottman Road, third Thursday of each month.