President Bill McGregor opened the meeting at 12:30PM
at St Martin's Worthington Center

Riley Moore led the Pledge of Allegiance 

Thought for the day by John Mansfield, "In every community, there is work to be done; in every nation there are wounds to heal; in every heart there is the power to do it", Marianne Williamson

Jim Spaid and Lorraine Ely-Morrison led the singing of God Bless America

Jim Johnson led us in the Four-Way Test plus "Is it fun?".

 Paul Royer introduced five visiting Rotarians.

Four guests were introduced by members.

First Reading of prospective member: Jim Spaid read the name of Travis Jacobsen, with a classification of Loan Officer, as a proposed member. His sponsor is Tom Nelson. Any comments about a proposed member should be directed to any member of the Board of Director

Treacy Duefeldt and Jim Burton recognized as Charter Members of the Paul Harris Society. 

President Bill McGregor offered congratulations as he awarded Treacy and Jim their official Paul Harris certificates.

PROGRAM: Boeing in Washington, our future together by Stephen Eylander.
 From within the "Red Barn" factory in 1916, Boeing built and delivered seaplanes to the US Government during WW I. To meet the demands of World War II, Boeing built thousands of B-17s and B-29s.









   The first jetliner, the Boeing 707 was introduced at Seafair 1954. Many are still in service, but now more sophisticated aircraft engines burn 70% less fuel and are 90% quieter.  During the past 20 years, air travel has increased dramatically, and during the next 20 years demand is expected to triple, especially in other countries. Boeing expects to sell over 36,000 new planes, and export 80% of new airliners to overseas companies.

The growing demand for Boeing aircraft models 737, 777 and 787, require more new factory space and additional employees. The company employs 160,000  worldwide, and 81,000 in Washington at their five northwest plants. As the company expands and steps up production, they will need more employees; however, half their Washington employees will reach retirement age in the next five years.

Building complex airframes requires many new parts. The new carbon fiber wing for the 777x will be built in a newly constructed 1.2 million square foot factory in Everett.  Aircraft and engine components are fabricated mostly by other Washington businesses putting $5 billion into the economy.

<Click here for the Boeing website>



Canned food and cash will be collected for needy families at meetings during the next two weeks.  Bring either food or cash, per Lori Flemm.


Holiday SeasonChristmas party December 9th, Tuesday evening, at Indian Summer Clubhouse. Prime rib dinner, sign up now to attend and pay $40 per person.  Books and cash will be collected up to the party night to grow the library at the Boys & Girls Club.




MEDALLION: Andy Ryder will give free car washes to veterans on Nov. 11th. 

Drawings for member donations to the Rotary International Fund, - $95 each to Mary Segawa and Kim Malcom.

"The Other Bank" provides assistance and personal care products to needy young women and families. Please contribute tooth brushes and toothpaste, shampoo, soap, cleaning supplies, personal care items, plastic bottles (with lids) or cash.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, November 13th at St. Martin's Worthington Center


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