Some more fuel for the Lacey Rotary fire! Interviews with Concepcion and Yuri about education. Please pass on to the lovely folks in Olympia - big saludos for their awesome support!

“Starfish means a lot to me. I have been a part of the mentorship program for four years now. My group is really unified and we encourage and support each other when we have problems. Starfish has empowered us, has taught us how to work as a team and has helped us to set goals for ourselves. Someday I hope to become a nurse and make Starfish proud.” - ConcepcionImagen integrada 2

“Starfish has supported me in so many ways by providing me with: a scholarship to continue my education, tutoring help, and mentoring. I have learned a lot about time management and teamwork at our weekly meetings. In our group we support each other and really care about how everyone is doing. Through Starfish I have also learned a lot about the importance of setting goals for myself. I hope to one day be a teacher.” - Yuri

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