Lacey Rotary Service Projects

Lacey Rotary is a large diverse group and includes members from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions, all dedicated to serving the community of Lacey and Thurston County through volunteerism and community leadership.

Our club recently helped complete the train-themed Lacey Rotary Playground in the city’s historic Depot district next to he Woodland bike trail. This 4 year project to celebrate our club’s 50th anniversary consisted of years of planning together with the City of Lacey Parks Department, volunteer labor from our club, and $55,000 donation to the …
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The Lacey Rotary Club is the sponsor Club for a global grant from Rotary to develop the water, sanitation, and hygiene project on Remba Island in Lake Victoria, Kenya. The rocky island previously lacked any sources of potable water or safe hygiene facilities.

Donated by lacey rotary plaque
Shinks overlook project signage
West bay park rotary point